Siren’s Threads
→Well Rises
· It is about whatever you want it to be…
Audio Review04-17-2016 · 10:54 PM
→Where the Truth Lies
· The enemy is my inner me, or so I'm…
Lyrics Review08-25-2015 · 08:23 PM
→Bring Down the Moon v2
· Taking your constructive criticism into…
Audio Review08-25-2015 · 08:05 PM
→Bring Down the Moon
· New song- the mandatory love song off the…
Audio Review06-30-2015 · 06:35 PM
→Sharing the Dream
· This is an older so I have not…
Audio Review06-30-2015 · 01:39 PM
→Reminds me of You
· This song was a response to the book…
Audio Review09-29-2008 · 10:48 PM
→i have left my right mind
· This is a song that my 8 year old son…
Audio Review07-24-2008 · 12:52 AM
→Power of Change
· Just wondering if these lyrics were…
Lyrics Review07-25-2007 · 04:36 PM
→Lighthouse Station V2
· This is also an earlier version of…
Audio Review06-21-2007 · 03:33 PM
→Upsidedown V2
· This is actually version 1 because it was…
Audio Review06-21-2007 · 03:31 PM
→Upsidedown w Spoon & Avi
· I recorded this with Madly Off...Spoon…
Audio Review06-21-2007 · 03:18 PM
→moment - veryrough
· Song about a guy, very complicated guy.…
Audio Review03-30-2007 · 05:27 PM
→Disaster - bandamp c
· WOW! these bandamp people rock! This is a…
Audio Review07-28-2006 · 01:02 AM
→Not My Thang
· another early early recording.
Audio Review07-17-2006 · 05:34 PM
→I Like Fruit V2
· This is the version with spoon. I like…
Audio Review07-17-2006 · 03:18 PM
→Come with Me
· Another jazz track, my first experience…
Audio Review06-08-2006 · 01:43 AM
→I like Fruit
· This is version1 of many and many more…
Audio Review06-07-2006 · 04:06 PM
→Don't Conform
· This one came from my rocker chick daze.…
Audio Review06-01-2006 · 12:27 AM
→Out of the Cave
· here are the lyrics to Out of the Cave it…
Lyrics Review05-30-2006 · 08:20 PM
→Out of the Cave
· This was inspired by Plato's analogy of…
Audio Review05-30-2006 · 08:06 PM
→Accept 4U!
· This is the mandatory love song that…
Audio Review05-30-2006 · 07:46 PM
→Lighthouse Station
· V1. Down by the road, we kick some…
Audio Review05-30-2006 · 07:32 PM

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